Ben Cox-Faxon

I am a senior at Yarmouth High School. I find inspiration in the people who I get to be with every day- especially my friends on the Cross Country and Swim teams. I am most grateful for my family, who has been a constant pillar of support and a continual source of joy in my life, and for all of the mentors in my 18 years of existence who have selflessly offered their guidance to make me a better person.

My appreciation is endless for the friends who I have grown up with and who I simply could not live without. At the the very least, they are amazing, and I am so fortunate for every single one of them.

The ocean holds a special place in my heart. Words are to superfluous here.

I owe a HUGE thanks to my dear friends Grady and Paige for putting on the Day of Hope and for doing good in this world. It is an honor to return love to the community that has so kindly loved us from the beginning, and it couldn’t have happened without them.

Email Me at y2019bencox@yarmouthschools.org Call Me at (207) 615-9567


Paige Reinfelder

Paige is a senior at Yarmouth High School. She loves drawing, traveling, learning languages, and pole vaulting with the track team.

Email Paige at y2019pairei@yarmouthschools.org

Grady Welsh

Grady is a senior at Yarmouth High School. He enjoys running with the cross-country team, nordic skiing, surfing, and playing ultimate frisbee. He is also teaching himself to play the guitar.

Email Grady at y2019spewel@yarmouthschools.org